Top 10 SEO Audit Tools 2018- Audit Your Site Instantly

When you have launched a new site or you have an existing site but you are not getting enough traffic and you don’t have a good ranking position, you should do a SEO audit of your site. Auditing a site is not a difficult job. Which you need is knowing the proper use of SEO audit tools. Usually there are two different types of SEO tools available in online. They are premium and free SEO audit tools. Here I am going to share with you the best SEO audit tools of 2018. Stay with me and check my favorite SEO audit tools.

Screaming FrogScreaming Frog

This is the number one of my list. If you know the proper use of Screaming Frog, then this tool is enough for all you SEO auditing work. This is an amazing and powerful SEO audit tool which I use in my everyday SEO work. After installing Screaming Frog on you PC, just open the tool and let the tool to check your site. It will crawl each of your page like the search engines crawl a site and it will generate a report for you from where you can know the necessary things about your site. The report included different data such as incorrect canonicalization, meta robot’s errors, internal redirects duplicated pages on different URLs and amongst much more.


SEMrush can be called the heaven for the Search Engine Marketing tools. If you are already familiar with SEMrush, then you obviously know that they have a popular SEO audit tool. This tool is amazing to audit your site. If you are not familiar with the tool, then I will strongly recommend you to use this tool. And the best part is they update their database with the google updates. You can use SEMrush to analyze your current web pages, loading speed, on page optimization, link checking and much more. It is easy to use the SEMrush tool. No matter if you are a beginner. It will suggest how can you improve your site performance.


ISS SEO Toolkit

If you are not interested to use a paid tool for your SEO audit task, then you can check the IIS SEO toolkit. It is free and work like a premium SEO audit tool. It is similar to the Screaming Frog SEO tool. You can check all the SEO related issues of your site and it will make a report for your site improvement. You can customize the report as you wish. It can work like the search engines, that is it crawl all of your webpage to know where to make an improvement to your site. As you can download the report as a CSV file so you can analyze it without any hassle.

My Site Auditor

If you are a pro level marketer, then you will love this website SEO tool. Unlike the other SEO audit tool, it will check the whole web pages. So it can make a better report for your site. The best part you will love about this tool is, you can check a specific webpage for a specific keyword. It will show a score by analyzing your page and then you can take a decision which things you have to do to get a better result. The interesting part is if it shows the score above 85 then there is a big chance that your page will rank for the number one position on google.


Another amazing tool to audit your web pages. Easy to use so anyone can use it for the SEO work. You can analyze all the necessary things which you need to make your site SEO friendly. This tool not only check the DNS of the site, rather it checks the whole structure of your site to make a better audit report. You will get different types of information. As for example the server, the analytics suite used its CMS operating system and even what plugins are installed for your site and much more.

Upcity SEO Report card

SEO Report Card is a popular SEO audit tool has come from UpCity. This tool will analyze your full site for the necessary SEO issues. It makes visual report from where you can make the further steps to make your site Search Engine Friendly. It works pretty fast comparing with the other auditing tool. This is the best suitable SEO audit tool for small businesses. Even you are running a SEO agency then you can use this amazing tool undoubtedly. It provides good amount of data and has a free version which you can use for your SEO audit work for unlimited times.


This is an amazing SEO audit tool which is best suitable for small businesses and in house SEO teams. This tool has a free version which provides enough data to improve your site performance and site traffic. Though I have told that this tool is perfect for the small businesses but any SEO agency also can use this amazing SEO audit tool to check the client’s site. I recommend this tool for those people who are searching a SEO audit tool which has free version but can provide enough data. Screenshots are available with this tool. Design of audit report is awesome and I love it.

Google Webmaster Tool

webmaster tool

When you are doing the site audit for search engines, the best thing is to use the search engines tool. Yeah, the google web master tool has come from the giant search engine google. You can audit your site for all the factors which is needed to rank a site. This tool is amazing if you know how to use it. You can easily generate the necessary data about your site. How your site is performing with the search engines and what kind of issues you should repair you can easily know from this tool.

MOZ pro
moz pro

If you have a good budget for your SEO work and you want the reports with different metrics, then you can choose the Moz Pro Tool. Though it is a paid tool but you can user the 30 days’ trial version too. And I can bet you that you will love their features. You can check the opportunities of your site through the Moz Pro tool. This tool shows different suggestions to improve your site including build reports, track growth, and optimize their overall efforts.

Found SEO Audit

Found's SEO Audit

This is the last one of my list. This is an amazing free SEO audit tool which you can easily use for your sites data. It is a website based too. First of all, you have to enter their site and simply input your site url to check the whole page. You can also input a specific web page url to do the site audit. It can check some important factors of your web page. As for example, technical issues, content issues, outbound link issues and much more. You can improve your site’s performance with the report of Found’s SEO Audit tool.

I hope now you have a long list to do your SEO audit task without any hassle. I have mentioned both paid and free SEO audit tools. Now, it is your turn. Choose one of them and make your site better than your competitor’s site. Happy marketing.


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