Reputation Management

Reputation Management: A Key Part of Digital Marketing in Business

Studies have indicated that in today’s tech-savvy world, many consumers prefer to conduct online research prior to deciding whether or not to purchase products or services, and from whom. When a consumer is searching for information about products or services on the internet, they are looking for much more than a business that provides these products or services. No matter how ideal some products or services may seem to be, based upon their descriptions, consumers want to know whether the business is trustworthy, reliable and customer service-oriented. They get this information primarily through reviews from other customers, which is exactly why business reputation management is so entirely critical to any business.

Digital Reputation Management

Digital marketing certainly includes website design, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization, but once again it is important to recognize that these points are not enough if a business has not established that it is trustworthy and reputable. This means it is either suffering from a lack of good reviews or even just a handful of bad reviews. Some businesses simply don’t know what customers are saying about them, or how they should respond to customer comments, and this can cripple them in ways they cannot possibly imagine. Put more simply, incredible website design, social media marketing and SEO may cause consumers to arrive at the business’ doorstep, but it is proper digital reputation management that will ensure they cross the threshold and begin a relationship with the business.

Online business reputation management includes monitoring the various reviews that a business receives, and responding appropriately to these reviews. Sincerely thanking a customer who has left a positive review can go a long way in boosting a business’ reputation, making them seem humble and appreciative for their relationships with their customers, but it is how they respond to negative reviews that can really leave a lasting impression. While it only takes a few moments for an unhappy customer to leave a negative review about a business, and only a few more moments for this negative review to begin to spread like wildfire, it also often only takes a few moments for a well-written, professional and compassionate response from the business to gain some positive attention. It demonstrates that while the business may not be entirely perfect, they are deeply invested in their customer service and in providing the best experience possible, and this can help potential customers overcome concerns they may have about the business’ products or services.

Any business that provides any products or services to consumers needs to have an online presence as well as reputation management. Even businesses that choose not to establish and maintain an online presence, no matter their reason for this, will yet have an online reputation, as customers will find some way to leave reviews about them–even if only on third party review sites. Needless to say, this can create a huge impact on the business, especially if they are entirely unaware of these reviews and what to do about them.

Choosing Professional Reputation Management Services

The fact is that a business specializes in producing outstanding products or services, not in monitoring and responding to customer reviews. As important as it is to watch for and handle customer reviews, it can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for a larger business. This is why professional reputation management services are so incredible valuable. Not only can the business continue to focus on what they do best, they can rest assured that their online reputation is in very good hands. Professional reputation management companies know exactly what to look for, and where, as well as how to respond appropriately so that the business can continue to grow and expand.

What are the Benefits of our Reputation Management Services?

Reputation management is a process through which the online visibility and reputation of a brand or an organization is improved with the use of several techniques and tools. The basic advantage of doing reputation management is to increase the traffic of a particular business thereby enhancing the online visibility.

  • Improve your brand image online
  • Increase your credibility with potential customers
  • Highlight and promote client success stories
  • Repair a damaged online reputation
  • Outrank negative comments and reviews
Businesses succeed or fail based on their reputation and in the digital era never has this been truer.

Reputation Management Services

Customer Feedback & Review Campaigns

Actively requesting customer feedback and reviews is all part of good customer service. Our team will put a program in place to continually request client feedback which can then be harnessed in a variety of ways.

Net Promoter Score

Establishing how likely your customers are to recommend your products or services is key to understanding the reputation of your business and gives you a target for improvement.

Brand Name Monitoring

Monitoring brand mentions online is essential to be able to respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews and comments. The speed and how you handle comments says a lot about your business. Be on the front foot.

Responding To Reviews & Comments

Responding to every review & comment left, whether positive or negative is important. Our team works alongside you to stay on top of all the channels that these can come through. Via social media, forums, blogs or review platforms.

Negotiating Negative Review Removal

Negative comments are a part of life. In fact having 100% of your reviews as glowing testimonials can look suspicious. However, sometimes reviews and comments cross a line. Here we can negotiate with either the platform owner or the reviewer themselves to have these comments removed or edited.

Outrank Negative Online Comments

In some circumstances where it’s just not possible to remove comments the next approach is to outrank them with positive success stories. Using a mixed approach of content marketing and digital PR our team will seed information online that reassures potential customers about the value your business can offer.

Our Reputation Management Process


Through our initial consultation we’ll understand your business and objectives and what issues you have with your current online reputation. We’ll put together a strategy for you with a range of tactics to both increase positive feedback and negate any negative comments.

Reputation Research

Our research will focus on discovering both positive and negative feedback as well as looking at what opportunities exist to enhance your online profile.

Positive Review Campaign

Using specialist software we’ll launch a campaign to contact your existing and previous customers to harness feedback. From there we can encourage the creation of online reviews and gain valuable insights for the creation of detailed case studies.

Content Production

Our team will create content both for your website and key influencers to promote the positive aspects of your company, services and client success stories.

Content Distribution & Promotion

Distributing this content and promoting it online will build up a body of online content to help build credibility and reassure potential customers of your expertise and level of customer service.


We’ll keep you updated throughout the campaign with regular contact, however, you’ll also receive a monthly report detailing positive reviews and comments generated and the removal or neutralisation of any negative online comments.


What is reputation management?

Reputation Management is the process of enhancing and protecting your online reputation. This includes reviews left on 3rd party review platforms as well as comments made on forums or other websites. It covers both soliciting customer feedback to be able to improve your services and generate positive online reviews as well as reducing or negating the impact of any negative comments.

Why is reputation management important?

There is now a multitude of research proving the importance of reviews and comments on potential customers prior to them doing business with you. The ease with which comments can be made about your company and services makes it important to be seen to care about and respond to your online feedback.

Genuinely caring about your customers and being able to make improvements to your service will ensure you not only retain existing customers but encourage them to act as advocates and help promote you to a wider audience.

How can I protect my business's online reputation?

Our advice is to “be on the front foot” before it gets online. Regularly ask or survey your clients for feedback on your services and products. This allows you to react quickly where a customer feels things could be better and by solving issues before they get out-of-hand you can even turn a potential negative outcome into a positive one.
Respond to all online reviews and comments, both positive and negative, quickly. This shows you care and people will see you trying to resolve issues.

Can you remove all negative comments about my business?

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to remove all negative comments. Website owners and review platforms are under no obligation to remove them. Whilst it is possible to involve a solicitor, this can prove extremely time consuming and expensive. Often a campaign to outrank these comments with positive stories is much more cost effective.

How long will it take to improve my online reputation?

This can all depend on exactly how much negative commentary exists online. Soliciting new positive feedback and turning those into reviews can be very quick to show a return, it’s why we always start with this approach. Removing or outranking negative comments can take weeks or months.

What should I do if I receive a negative review?

First of all, we would say “don’t panic”. Think of all negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your service. Engage with the reviewer, find out why they feel the way they do, are you able to put it right? If not then look for where you can grow the volume of positive reviews. One or two negative comments within tens or hundreds of positive ones are acceptable.

Should I buy online reviews?

Fake reviews can be easily bought, however, we advise you NOT to go down this route. There are many cases of sellers and buyers of fake reviews being prosecuted, both in the UK and US. The potential damage to your online reputation, possibly for good, is very real. Far better to wow your clients with your service so that they themselves leave you with genuine online feedback.

What goals should I set for my SEO?

While it’s important to a certain extent, you shouldn’t be too fixated on how many visits you’re getting and first page rankings for meaningless keywords. You should care more about whether the visitors to your site are qualified prospects and if they perform your desired actions. AdVisible drives qualified leads to your site through a mixture of “money keywords” and “long-tail keywords” that will generate an increase in business sales.

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