How Our PBN Services Works

Niche Sites are the best way to blogging about a specific niche and monetize the site. Till now, Niche Sites are dominating the big sites for some keywords. Why this happens? Because a niche site is based on a specific topic and the site owner only provide the quality content about that topic. But sometimes you will find that you are trying and trying, but there is no result or no improvement in your site ranking in the search engines. If you want to boost your ranking with some few steps, then the first choice of all the marketers is building PBN links.

Buy Powerful Domain

A domain is the key of PBN. We search & find most powerful metrics domain for your Privet Blog Network!

Setup Hosting

We host your domain in different IP address & location/ISP for preventing any kind of PBN footprints.

Content Writing

After hosting, we create unique & informative 5+ content in every PBN packages & optimized them perfectly.

Website Setup

The last step is creating your PBN, linking your website, manage it and live for indexing as well as transfer everything to you.

All Features Included !

For better ranking and safety, We have all kinds of technical facilities, which are difficult to together

  • A B & C Class Hosting included
  • Unique 5x 700+ Words articles
  • Blocked From Ahrefs
  • Majestic & other Backlink bot.
  • Custom Logo and Graphics design
  • Full On Page Otimization
  • Create Social Signal for every domain!
  • For PBN Everything will setup & Done by Us!
  • 20+ PA/DA & 15+ CF/TF Domain
  • Fresh & Clean Domain History
  • Minimum Referral Domain 50+
  • No Spam or Ruinous Anchor
  • We love WordPress but not for every site
  • Register domain in diffrent providers
  • Detailed Reporting in Order.
  • Super fast support team in 24x7

Got questions? Find answers in our FAQ.

Expired Domain

The first and difficult step of making a PBN is buying expired domains. Google gives importance to the site age and if you want a ranking boost, then you have to buy an aged domain. We find those expire domain with spam free backlink & anchor free domain for your privet blog network.

Social Media Integration

You know that page is the most powerful where people engage. For that reason, you will increase your Privet Blog Network more social friendly. We will build social signal for you and bring the visitor into this website. It really works for higher ranking and it looks perfect for a natural website.

Full Search Engine Optimized

We will never let your Privet network without SEO. Our main goal is to make your website for SEO friendly and natural. For this, we will do all On page optimization and website optimization in your PBN. So it will perform more in authority stacking. Our SEO expert team will do your sites SEO to make your site search engine friendly.

Linking To Money Site

And finally, the most important thing come which is linking to your money site. The main success of a PBN service depends on how you have linked the PBN sites to your money sites. If you do over link building to your money site, then it will definitely hurt your ranking. So it is mandatory to be careful about the link building process.

Premium Hosting

For the best result of your PBN, it is a good practice to host the sites on different hosting servers. IP addresses also should be different. Otherwise, there is a chance that Google will trace you and you will be manually penalized. So we will give you the service of hosting without any footprints.

Amazing Content

Most of the marketers make a great mistake when they are creating content for PBN service. Some marketers use spinning content for the PBN sites. Those have a high risk of the google penalty. For this, we will create every content for the PBN service manually by our creative writers.

Site Management

With every package of our niche site creation service, you will get one month site management free of cost. We will give all the related support of your site. After one month, you have to renew your hosting per monthly or yearly. Also, you will be needed to renew those domains after one year with regular price. We will send you all access.

100% Domain Replacement

Domain de-indexing is a common problem in PBN. It may happen for any reason. But don’t worry about de-indexing. If you found any domain deindexed from Google. We will replace them with a new powerful domain. As well as if you find anything wrong with your PBN or facing problem, our team ready to fix it.

Why You Choose Our PBN Services?

  • We have a separate team only for the PBN Service
  • A lot of satisfied customer review
  • Buying expired domain with zero spam score and backlinks
  • Hosting the site without any footprints
  • Site creation and network management service
  • Link Building with your money site as like the links are natural

What Is PBN?

Elaboration of PBN is Private Blog network. Which means, building a network which is private and where you have the full control. Usually a private blog network builds for a niche site. Though big marketers and business blogs have said that content is king, but till now backlink has an important effect on the ranking of a site. If you want to build manual link to your site from authority sites, then it is very tough. On the other hand, if you build links from your own domains, then it is easy to you and you can expect a good ranking in the search engines.

The first thing of PBN is buying expired domain. And every domain should be hosted in different hosting. After setting up the domain, the next step is building quality content for those sites and linking to your money site or niche site. Though it sounds easy, but the task is complicated. Only the Pro marketers can build a PBN without keeping any footprint.

Why You Need A PBN Service?

Though google gives importance to the content quality of your site. But till now, backlinks are an important factor to rank a site. But if you think you can rank your post for a specific keyword only with the content then it is not possible. Google gives preference the big cities than a small niche site.

Not the low-quality backlinks, you need some quality backlinks for ranking. And it is tough to get backlinks from authority sites. But what about your own authority site? So, if you are thinking to build a niche site, then the only big option to rank your site is PBN. There is no alternative to boost your SERP.

The first thing of PBN is buying the expired domain. And every domain should be hosted on different hosting. After setting up the domain, the next step is building quality content for those sites and linking to your money site or niche site. Though it sounds easy, but the task is complicated.

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