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Paid Search Engine Optimisation implies you publicize inside the supported postings of a web index or an accomplice website by paying either each time your advertisement is clicked (pay-per-click – PPC) or less ordinarily when your advertisement is shown (Cost per-impression – CPM).

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search advertising is a basic piece of your pay per-click (PPC) battle technique. There is no preferred time to promote over when somebody as of now has decided they need your item or benefit and is currently hoping to purchase.

More or less, you offer on the watchwords identified with your business to get your advertisement before clients and pay the internet searcher a little expensive if your promotion gets clicked.

In the event that your battle is set up right, this can be an extremely gainful approach to get before potential clients who are currently searching for your answer. Nonetheless, a seriously planned crusade can squander a considerable measure of cash.

As you can most likely envision, running an effective paid inquiry battle requires a considerable measure of time and consideration. At Problematic, we always screen and enhance our customers’ records to guarantee the ideal outcomes.

How We Succeed

At Disruptive, we believe that there are two key aspects to successful paid search marketing: strategy and follow-through.

For each campaign, we create a marketing strategy that defines how your offering meets the needs of your potential customers. We then use that strategy to create a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience to produce sales.

Once your campaigns are set up and driving results, we spend time every week testing and analyzing every aspect of your campaigns to ensure that they are performing optimally.

By combining paid search management, optimization and analytics, we set you up for success and ensure that your campaigns provide the best return on investment possible.

What are the Benefits of Our PPC Services?

Just Share your business thought and we will give you the best solution to lead.

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website right away
  • Start generating revenue immediately
  • Compete on competitive search terms
  • Control how much or little you spend
  • Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns over time

Where Campaigns Fail

While paid search advertising can deliver fantastic results, it is also a great way to waste your marketing budget.
Over the years, we’ve observed a lot of online marketing campaigns struggle to overcome the following paid search challenges:


The closer a customer is to conversion, the more expensive it is to market to them. Paid search marketing targets potential customers who are often ready to buy. As a result, the competition for those customers is fierce.

If you don’t have a great strategy in place for dealing with the competition, it can be very difficult to make money off of paid search advertising.


Paid search marketing is effective, but it can also be expensive. Unlike other forms of marketing, you pay for every click, so the cost-per-lead can quickly add up.

The high cost of paid search marketing tends to favor larger companies. While you can be successful with a small budget, paid search marketing typically works best for companies with at least a $10,000/month paid search marketing budget.


Paid search platforms like AdWords make setting up a paid search campaign easy. After all, they make money whether or not your campaign is successful.

Actually making money off of paid search, on the other hand, is much more complicated. There are a lot of subtleties to managing a profitable campaign and the amount of time required to master and maintain paid search marketing often catches companies by surprise.

How Our Paid Search Management Service Works

Campaign Strategy and Management

Paid search marketing campaigns are comprised of many moving parts, including setup, optimization, monitoring, and reporting. To maximize your efforts, you need a well thought-out strategy. Our seasoned team of PPC management experts has a history of helping clients reach and exceed their business goals. We can develop a specialized strategy and set up a granular campaign structure for your company, simplifying maintenance and positioning you for long-term success.

Keyword Research

A successful paid search campaign begins with an effective keyword strategy. We do thorough research to source the keywords your target audience is searching for so you can use them to help these potential customers find you first. We have expert knowledge of advanced keyword strategies and tools that we use to help you discover keyword opportunities that boost engagement and conversions.

Creative Copy

Crafting stellar ad copy is of the utmost importance for any paid search campaign. A single word can be the deciding factor for a potential customer as to whether or not they will convert. Our creative experts develop enticing ad copy that drives clicks from your target audience. Our engagement optimized PPC ads incorporate the most effective best practices.

Landing Page Creation

Customized landing pages are the best way to drive conversions and sales. We develop powerful landing pages that are optimized to boost traffic and clicks. Our expert design team creates the content, suggests the right form length, and designs the entire page.

Tracking and Measuring Success

With all the effort you’re putting into paid search advertising, it’s important to know where your conversions are coming from. We set up URL tracking for each of your ads, implementing tracking codes `{`Google Tag Manager & UTM tracking`}` and conversion and goal instances, and provide comprehensive reporting.

Budget Management

Budget optimization is one of the most complex aspects of paid search management, and it’s not something to take on blindly. We have years of experience creating and optimizing individual keyword bids and daily budgets and can ensure your campaign is performing with maximum efficiency.

Device Optimization

With the proliferation of smartphone usage, customers across all industries are sourcing and discovering products and services from the palms of their hands. We ensure that your paid search campaigns, ads, and landing pages are optimized across all devices so you don’t miss out on huge engagement opportunities.

Comprehensive Reporting

We like to keep our clients in the loop at all times, which is why we send regular reports. With DigitalVast, you'll always be informed about the status of your paid search marketing campaigns, from the big picture to the critical details. Our reports provide expert performance analysis, including opportunities for improvement.

Paid Search faq

What is Paid Search / PPC?

Paid Search, often referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click are often the first results you see on the search results pages and are identified with a small AD symbol. Google has multiple platforms available all controlled through their AdWords interface. These include the Search Network, Display Network and Google Shopping. Each platform has multiple targeting methods either via keyword, topic, demographic or affinity. Which is right for your business depends on many factors, do you sell online through an e-commerce website, are you looking to increase brand awareness or do you just want more enquiries?

Does paying for PPC help my organic results?

No, it doesn’t. There have been many people who have suggested otherwise but Google themselves have said there is no correlation and research backs this up too.

How much does Paid Search Cost?

The cost of paid search varies depending mainly on the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of your keywords. The higher the value of a potential sale the higher the value of the click. A budget of £300 per month would equate to £10 per day. If the CPC is 50p then you’ll get approx 20 clicks per day, if the CPC is £5 then you’ll get 2 clicks. Having a realistic budget is important to the success of the campaign. We can advise on what would be appropriate.

Google Adwords allows you to set a daily budget which means you can keep absolute control over your spend to ensure it doesn’t run away.

What is the Google Display Network?

This is a Network of 3rd party websites who have applied and been approved by Google to be part of this Ad Network. They can then show text and image ads created through the AdWords for the Display Network.

You can target your ads to show within specific content by keywords, on websites by their topic, or to users based on their demographic information or affinity, which means the user has an interest in your product or service based on their previous browsing history.

The final targeting method on the display network is Remarketing. This can allow you to target visitors to your website who left without performing the action you want. As they continue to browse the web, they can be shown general or highly specific adverts to encourage them back to your website.

What is Remarketing?

Ever visited a website and then seen adverts for that website and its products as you continue to browse the web? That’s remarketing. There are several ways to setup a remarketing campaign, but the most common is by adding a cookie to the computer of website visitors, those that make a purchase, submit an enquiry or perform another predefined action get another cookie. Those website visitors with the visit cookie and not the action cookie are then shown adverts as they browse websites which are part of the display network, the aim being to encourage them back to your website to make that purchase.
Remarketing can also be set up using Facebook, a great way of targeting website visitors whilst they’re on the social media platform.

What is Google Shopping?

Search for a product on Google, such as ‘new trainers’ and you’ll see the Google Shopping Ad Carousel across the top of the results. You can also click the ‘Shopping’ tab across the top to see more results.

Rather than bidding on keywords, this platform is controlled by product data you supply to Google via a product ‘feed’ or spreadsheet. You then set your bid how much you’re prepared to pay if a user clicks on your product advert.

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