Why Email Marketing

The complete professional way to reach your client instantly.No hassle just simple mail to market your products and services.

Lead Magnets
Our email platform is always capturing  any targetted clients
Spam Free mail
We send clean and updated mail that always focuses your niche.
Conversion Metrics
Our marketing strategy for your mail will be converting and trackable.

Our features

We understand business and our customized mail is business friendly, integrated with your highly secure webmail.

Email Marketing types
Each email is dependent on your  specific clients. So you get your particular lead.
Powerful Options
The bulk amount of emails but each one is a target achieved type.
Marketing Strategy
Our technology of marketing is reserved and effective for your business needs.
Our webinar invitation never fails your expectation.We are expert in this.
Landing Pages
Get exclusive landing pages for your specific niches.
Marketing Automation
Just relax! our marketing mail system is automated and risk-free.

Intro Video

Introducing how our email marketing will simplify your business with profits.

Why Digital Vast’s Email Marketing is different ?
Our Email Marketing technology is vast. We use effective sales funnel based mail software to target the clients. Each email is perfectly researched and get a response with 90% accuracy for sales.
Email Templates
We have standard pre-built and customized templates for our every different client.
Automated Response
Our Email Campaign is fully automated, always get a response and handle by clients mail.

Our Email Marketing Process

Brain Storming

Email marketing isn’t a run yet a marathon and thusly the way and the objective must be characterized unmistakably with the goal that the client does not float off the track.

Collecting  target data

When general goals are resolved, it is clear which target gathering to address too. So. the email locations must be gathered or leased. So, it is great for their authorization to send them messages.

Setup Database

The information of the objective gatherings, for example, email addresses and some other data must be kept in a database that will customize the messages in like manner.

Defined Email concept

In the following stage the real idea of the messaging communicates is resolved, which implies the strategic goals and the inferring correspondence recurrence.

Producing Content

For each email campaign, a suitable substance for the objective gathering and idea must be delivered. These comprise an article and/or promoting writings and messages in HTML organize, moreover of photographs, designs, and some other visual components.

Email Setup

After defining the concept and the content of the message, the email has finally to be set up. So has, for example, the request of the writings to be grouped and variable content pieces must be indicated. At last, there are the headers and footers, and additionally the data for the email headers.

Email Blast

An individual email for every client must be incorporated and sent when sending an email. During the compilation, the appropriate email format has to be taken into consideration the suitable greeting. Messages that bounces back as undeliverable must be prepared appropriately.

Evaluate Aftermath

Finally, the results of the emailing broadcasts, such as the rate of undeliverable or opened email, the quantity and distribution of link clicks, the number and the revenue of orders and sales, as well as other responses are captured and analyzed. With the assessment in stage 8, email showcasing shouldn’t be finished yet.


Digital Vast SMS and Email Marketing service reaches customer  more effectively within time limit .

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