Apps Store Optimization Guideline in 2018

Taking in to consideration the past few years, it can be observed that the mobile apps industry has made an income worth multi-billion dollars and day-by-day the need for this industry is growing rapidly, eventually transforming in to one big industry. According to data are taken from about this app industry, a chart has displayed that 29% growth has been achieved annually throughout the industry. According to a report from the year 2012, it has been indicated that currently there are 1.2 billion users of mobile apps and in the last 2 years the number of mobile apps users has doubled.

According to a chart produced from data until August of 2013, the popularity of different apps stores are given:

  • Android – 51.6%
  • iOS Store – 40.7%
  • Blackberry – 4.8%
  • Symbian – 0.4%

According to WSJ, it has been reported that the apps industry is worth 25 billion dollars and another estimate by Vision Mobile states that by the year 2016 the apps industry will be worth 143 billion dollars.

Following is a small brief of the current status of the apps stores:

Currently there are more than 3.1 million apps in the apps store market. Google Play store contains about 1.3 million apps and iOS app store contains about 1.2 million apps.

apps store optimization

  1. The current download toll of apps has been tallied to more than 70 billion.
  2. There is a rise of almost 2 billion smartphone users annually.
  3. There is a rise of almost 2 billion smartphone users annually.
  4. There is a rise of almost 2 billion smartphone users annually.
  5. The research that has been done above has taken a day to accumulate only for the fact that an individual working in this industry can determine his/her future pathway.

Why Optimize Apps

app store optimization

Conforming from a research, it has been seen that maximum apps are downloaded through searching for an app and/or through recommendations from friends and family. 2 charts are shown in the following that displays how users discover most of the apps.

There are several ways to search for apps and customers do this in many different ways, but the necessity is to reach the customer. By finding out a best way to reach the customers can only then this method become viral. The following chart displays the best way or the way apps are becoming viral for downloads:


The chart above shows that the most viral way for apps downloads is the app store search. In that case, if we have to stay on top of the search result position, the help of an AOS optimizer is much needed and this article is regarding those individuals who are willing to become an AOS optimizer, keeping in mind that this article only for those who are already experts in SEO or is already an advanced level optimizer.

I will only be sharing tips and tricks in this article, therefore if you are new to this it is my request to learn SEO beforehand and then read this article otherwise it will be of no use.

In this article, I will be writing about how the android and iOS apps store can be optimized. Keep in mind that the system of optimization for both the android and iOS apps store is not all the same but quiet similar to each other. An individual researching for a few days can capture the methods between the 2 apps stores and I would recommend that he/she follow them, therefore I will only show 1 way to optimize the apps stores as both of them are similar.

On Page Optimization

The most important part of an app store optimization is the on-page optimization. In order to stay on the top search spot, on page optimization will carry out 60% of the work for staying on the top search points. Therefore, this point has to be monitored during on page optimization.

1. App Title

The first and one of the most important points of app store optimization is the title. The first criterion for title writing is that it has to be short containing up to 25 words. This way a user can learn or come to know about your app on screen and also the search result will show your app as an effective one.

Using keyword within the title is necessary and it has to be related to apps. If the title is related to anything other than apps, then the possibility of the app staying on the top search spot will become low. In order to increase the click through rate, the above instructions have to be followed. Given below is a chart along with some points that show the effects of using keywords in titles:


  • Limit the title to 25 words.
  • Make sure that the title is creative.
  • Use keyword in the title and do not repeat the keywords used.
  • Choose/use an unique title.
  • The title should be related to the app

2. App Description

App description is a very important part especially considering the users because a user will read the description of your app and if the description is attractive to the user then only will the individual download/use the app. The description also helps in retaining the top spot in the search results and technically using keywords in the description is also helpful. Include everything in the short description so that there are no problems for the user as well as in the search result spots.

3. App Logo:

The app logo will show the creativity of the developer and it is also very important for optimization. The logo should represent and describe your app and if you want to increase via click through rate then the logo should be followed up on. Company sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon use their own brand logos and as a result the general public can easily notice these brands according to the logo and this is one of the important points to be noted.

4. App Screenshot:

In this era of smartphones, most of earth’s population is using a smartphone. Think about what you would do before downloading an app? You look at the screenshots of the particular app and then decide if you want to download and use the app or not. Therefore, while deploying the app, the developer has to keep in mind about the screenshot as well. The screenshots has to display all the features of the app so that the user gets attracted to download the app. Thinking of it in a different perspective, a movie trailer contains the best parts of the movie so that it attracts the viewer to watch the movie. In the same way the best parts of the app should be included in the screenshots as part of being a trailer of the app.

5. Category:

We all make mistakes in the selection of category and amongst all the optimization work that I have done, the clients have given importance to multiple category. They think that by throwing it into the multiple category the app will be used more but this idea is false. Choosing one effective category from multiple categories is the best solution and this way your app will be prioritised in Google search results. In the case of iOS store, the app must be kept in 2 categories; the primary category should be kept in an important category and the secondary in a similar category.

6. App YouTube Demo:

You can upload a YouTube demo of your app tutorial on the Google play store and the demo video should be professional enough to convince the users. To produce a professional video, you can hire a professional video editor to produce the video. The video should be completely creative and attractive just like the example of the movie trailer mentioned before. Another point to be mentioned is that while uploading the video on YouTube, the keywords related to the app should be entered before YouTube video optimization, if done properly the video will come up in the top search result in Google search. As a result, your app will become popular but this cannot be applied to the iOS store but can be effective in Google ranking.

7. Keyword:

Keyword is the most important part of search optimization but keyword selection is mandatory because it is important to know what kind of app related keywords the customers are searching for. Below you will find a tool-point that will help with keyword research for finding out the right keywords. One point to be kept in mind is that the iOS store is harder to optimize but with the perfect keywords your app search results can take a spot high up in the ranking.

8. Off Page Optimization:

Another important part of app optimization is off page optimization. If you are thinking about coming up top on the search result by only on page optimization, then you are wrong. There are some mandatory criteria’s of off page optimization that has to be fulfilled to secure the top spot of search result. So, after completing 60% of the work from on page optimization, the rest 40% from off page optimization should also be completed by you in order to make your app popular.

9. App Rating:

Rating is a very important factor for ASO. When 80% of the rating is 5 alongside the downloads of the app then you can be sure that the app is going to increase in popularity. The public performance of your app depends on the rating but be sure that if the app receives negative reviews then it has the chance to fall from the search results. I am not saying that the app cannot receive negative reviews, yes it can but in that case you have to increase the number of users for the app. Offline marketing point will help in the increase of users. Other than this, some things are best kept secret and even if I wanted to I cannot write about it because the topic at hand is going to change. As this article is for SEO experts, I hope they will understand as to why I did not talk about it.

10. App Reviews

Just like app rating is important, app review in a much similar way is also important for optimization. When the user is giving a positive review within the 60%-70% download window, then be sure that your app is upcoming in the popular list and in search results. Therefore, you have to develop such an app that the user is bound to give a positive review. Overall the apps developer should keep in mind that in order to popularise the app, it should be user friendly, no matter what the app type is, because as an app user I only give a positive review only when it is user friendly. While using the app, I think that why not give a positive review as for the developer I am being able to use a user friendly app. But keep in mind that negative/false reviews are not acceptable.

11. App Download

The standings of the search result of your app will depend on the download count. The most downloaded apps tend to appear first in the search results. The primary concern in order to stay top on the search result is the count of your app download therefore offline marketing is necessary. Besides using the app store, you have to use ad network to reach the users. Alongside launching your app the above marketing strategy should also be run side-by-side. Then you can be sure that your app is going to be one of the popular apps in the market.

12. Link Building

Link building plays a vital role in the Google play store as well as in the iOS app store. First of all, as Android is a product of Google, the algorithm for search indexing and results work normally but the search results of iOS store depend on social engagement and link backing. Therefore, link building is mandatory for app optimization and I think SEO specialist know the ways better than me.

13. ASO Tools

As the popularity of marketers is still on a low count in this industry, which is why not many tools have been developed. But I will be sharing the few tools that have been developed to help you for your research. I hope these tools will help you in the marketing of your app. Instead of going into details, I am providing a comparison chart along with the tools. You can view the chart and understand.


Given below is a list of 10 tools to use for your ASO.

14. Ad Network Marketing

The most important marketing strategy is the ad network marketing strategy. You may ask why? In order to make an app popular or for securing a top spot in search results, starting from on page optimization to off page optimization is necessary. But in the case of off page optimization, you have to follow a few specific points that are difficult to achieve in the primary stages because your app needs to be delivered in the right place. And then followed by downloads > ratings > reviews > search > results > popularity. But in the end the only concern is to deliver the app to the user.

In order to reach the users in the primary stage, you need to take help from the mobile app network service companies. They will be responsible for delivering the ads to the ad networker.

Given below are 15+ top mobile ad network companies that can help you with the promotion of your app:

Secret Tips

If you want to make your app go viral then this secret tip will boost your user percentage by 20%. You may be thinking that what it might be? It’s nothing out of the extraordinary but a simple step; narrate your own story to the users, people are curious and grabbing attention through curiosity is the magical step.

I have also mentioned in my previous articles that as long as people are curious towards your innovations or findings the more you will rise because people are always curious. However, while narrating your story, do keep the following points in mind:

  • Always use the right name or genuine name.
  • Who has the most input in the development of the app?
  • Who encouraged you to develop the app?
  • Try to say the keywords while narrating your story.
  • Why is it the best app?
  • Why would you use it?
  • What benefits will the app provide if used?

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, narrate your story and you will observe that along with your app, your company will stand to be a brand.

Given above are most of the guidelines for App Store Optimization. If you follow my guideline then I hope that you will succeed in this sector and if you do succeed then my article will be known as a success. I am optimistic that if you follow this strategy your app will become popular.

I pray for everyone’s long life and better health. Do pray for me also. Hoping to meet you all soon in another one of my articles. Till then, goodbye.

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