13 Tips for Content Writing-Write a Content Which Converts

What is the heart of a website? Yeah, content is the heart of a site. People will engage more and more when you are writing a good content which helps people to gather the accurate information they are searching for. People give more value to your content when it is a great source of the keyword user searching for. Sometimes you may suffer for the bounce rate of your site. But you can solve this problem with a few steps. Today I am going to share with you 13 tips which marketers use to get more engagement from the users. You can be benefited a lot when you are writing a perfect content which has written for the user not for the search engines. In this filed, you have to be smarter because you have to maintain the user and the search engines both. Let’s see how you can improve your content quality.

Research About Audience

When you are starting to write a content, the first thing you should keep in mind is know the audience. You should find out how you are audience interact with a specific term. Also try to know what kind of contents are popular top them and they sharing a content. Try to make your audience satisfied with your content.

Table of Content

Using table of content is becoming popular in this days. You can easily use a table of content in your content. IF you are using the WordPress CMS then you can install the table of content plugin to make a table of content in each of your content. It helps your reader to know what is they are going to read in your content.

Eye Catchy Headline

The headlines of the contents play an important role to engage more people. When you will write a headline which made interest to the people to know more, you will get a lot of engagement without any extra effort. A good headline works like a magnet to attract more and more people.

Sub Headline

If you think about ranking for some long tail keywords related to your main keywords, then you should use the long tail keywords as your content’s subtitle. Sub headlines also helps your audience to understand your content with less effort.

Use Numbers in your Article

Yeah, this is another important factor to engage your audience with your contents. When you are using numbers, it becomes more eye catchy to your audience. Here I am also using numbers to make my content more readable.

Give importance of first paragraph

Try to give the most important and attractive information at the first paragraph. It will make interest of your audience to read the other part of your content. Make some value in the first paragraph and reader will think he should finish the whole content.

Stay in the Topic

Don’t make some kind of content for your site which may make annoy your readers. You should stay in the specific topic you are writing. Suppose you are writing about weight loss and you should use the words which are only related to weight loss.

Make Bullet Points

Do you think that your readers read each and every words of your content? In web, readers are always being in a hurry to find the exact thing they are searching for. So when you will use bullet points in your content, it will help your audience to find the exact thing within a short time. Suppose you are writing the major problems of smoking, then you should use bullet points to make it easy to know the problems.

Use Familiar Words

When you are writing about an ordinary topic, don’t be so much creative in English. If you use a lot of unfamiliar words in your content, then you will lose the readers interest on your content. So use easy English in your content which anyone can read easily.

Use Paragraph

When you are writing a big content, paragraphs help your reader to read the whole content easily. Above I have mentioned the importance of sub headlines. You can use different sub headlines for paragraphs you have used in the content.

Use Related Images

Always keep in mind that, you should not do anything in your content which makes your audience boar about your content. And if you think about the readers, then you will see people love different multimedia elements in a content. You can use relate images in your content. Using images in content may help you in two different ways. It will help to decrease the bounce rate and search engine will give more value to your content.

Select the Right Font

Another important part to make your content attractive to your audience. You should use a font which is easy to read and people can understand clearly and it doesn’t make pressure in eyes of the reader.

Check and Recheck for Grammar and Spelling Errors

After finishing your content, check your grammatical mistakes. If people find grammatical mistakes in your content, then there is a possibility that they will not be interested to read the full content. You should also check the spelling errors.

If you maintain all the tips described above, then you can expect a better result for your contents. The last thing I want to say, always give preference to the readers, not the search engines.

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